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Could citizen science help uncover mental health and wellbeing links?

Last week, the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World launched Secrets of Happiness, a national survey to gather data on wellbeing. Here, the former President of the British Psychological Society and the Centre’s community lead Peter Kinderman, who is involved in the ‘citizen science’ research project, sets out how the results might help us better understand the relationship between mental health and wellbeing. The relationship between mental health and wellbeing is a complex, and fascinating, issue in our work at the Centre. Surprisingly, in 2018, we still don’t really understand the fundamental interconnections. Few would argue against the need to offer much...

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Happy City’s Index: putting wellbeing at the heart of local progress

Today is the launch of Happy City’s Index of Thriving Places. Liz Zeidler, founding director and chief executive, explains how Happy City’s Index can bridge the gap between good intentions and delivery – here and now. The mantra of economic growth at all costs is now being challenged in organisations and media of all political persuasions. But while many recognise that different models of prosperity are needed, few are offering a credible way of measuring the conditions that allow wellbeing to flourish at a local level. The world’s economy has doubled in 25 years, emissions are up 40%, and...

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Sector perspective: Launch of the Wellbeing Action Plan

The the second in a series of blogs from Becky Thoseby, Group Head of Wellbeing at the Department for Transport. These highlight people putting wellbeing evidence into action in their work. Becky shares the experience of starting her role earlier this year and the realities of championing wellbeing in a large organisation. You can read Becky’s first blog here. As I write this, I’m experiencing that feeling many of you will recognise after delivering a successful project, that is a mixture of exhaustion, relief, exhilaration and satisfaction.  This is because last week I launched a new product within my...

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Sector perspective: Local wellbeing indicators case study

This week’s guest blog is from Gareth Hooper, project manager at NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group. He shares how he and his team have been piloting the Centre’s Local Wellbeing Indicators, and what they have discovered in the process. Download this sector perspective as a PDF See the Local Wellbeing Indicators and datasets for your area I reviewed the community wellbeing measures developed by the Centre and ONS from a Gloucestershire perspective. I asked five questions of the data: 1. What do the indicators show? The mean line across all local authorities is running through the middle, which shows that...

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Developing an evidence-informed workplace wellbeing questionnaire

Martin Short, Workplace Sector Lead at the Centre, looks at a recent project carried out for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to help the Department, and ultimately other employers, identify which workplace factors impact the wellbeing of their employees. Download the methodology paper for the questionnaire We generally consider wellbeing to be an outcome, one that is driven by a wide range of factors. There is already good evidence of the benefits that good wellbeing in the workplace can have on organisational performance. But how can we assess which particular workplace factors are influencing employee wellbeing? There...

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