Month: July 2016

Guest blog: The benefits of healthy advice?

Here, James Sandbach, Research Manager for the Low Commission reflects on the impact advice services can have on our wellbeing and health. The VCSE (Voluntary, Community, Social Enterprise) review on partnerships for health and wellbeing has been the latest in a number of strategic studies looking at how bringing in a wider range of community based services into the health system can contribute to improving health, wellbeing and care outcomes. The recent Kings Fund report on “Supporting integration through new roles and working across boundaries” is also an important piece of work highlighting some of the issues about the interface between...

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Guest blog: Alcohol, wellbeing, and subtle policy -does drinking make us happy?

Ben Baumberg Geiger, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy at the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research (SSPSSR) at the University of Kent  poses some questions about drinking and our wellbeing….   There has been an increasing interest in wellbeing among alcohol policy researchers. Recent studies have estimated wellbeing-related impacts such as ‘harms to others’, while the world-leading Sheffield Alcohol Policy Model estimates a 50p minimum price would lead to wellbeing benefits worth more than £2bn over 10 years. Yet strangely these studies have ignored the main reason that people drink – the pleasure of drinking. Conversely, those...

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Activate London – Community Activators

Portfolio total project costs: £1,806,000192 Total funding received from BIG: £1,806,00019 Total number of beneficiaries: 16,665 Activities The Activate London portfolio empowered participants and communities to develop the skills and confidence to take control of, and improve, their collective health and wellbeing by taking ownership of local projects. The portfolio supported 16,665 participants to improve their overall wellbeing, compared to a target of 10,989 people. The portfolio engaged people from some of the most disadvantaged and socially excluded communities across London . The Community Activator project empowered local people to champion wellbeing in their communities, by supporting them to develop the skills and confidence to lead community activities. The portfolio recruited 54 local people as Community Activators. The Community Activators ran a wide range of activities including: Zumba, bingo, cooking classes, a chicken club, and toddler groups . The Community Activators projects were designed to promote healthy eating and exercise, reduce isolation, and improve mental wellbeing. Activities delivered by the Community Activators engaged a total of 2,307 participants Community Activators could initially apply for a budget of up to £800 and also for additional funding to run subsequent activities. For example, ‘Toddlers Inc’ was set up by several Community Activators in April 2014, after attending a Tenants Association meeting where the need for local activities was identified. The Community Activators received £2,000 to purchase equipment for the toddler group, such as...

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Stockport MBC – Promoting behaviour change through healthy eating

Portfolio total project costs: £2,236,573 Total funding received from BIG: £1,806,000 Total number of beneficiaries: 33,500 Activities Stockport MBC delivered 19 projects through its Wellbeing 2 portfolio, working across the three programme themes, in some of the most deprived areas in the North West. The project lead highlighted successful activities around the healthy eating theme delivered by the Wellbeing in the North West project led by Stockport MBC. The project delivered two courses: The Cook Your…. course focused on weight loss and general health, and the Cook and Taste course provided practical healthy cooking advice. The project also provided an...

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Foyer Federation – Community cohesion promoted through physical activity

Portfolio total project costs: £3,538,220 Total funding received from BIG: £3,538,220 Total number of beneficiaries: 7679 Activities The Healthy Conversations portfolio provided activities for young people at 78 services (mainly foyer accommodation) across England. Residents at Hereford Foyer (who were all young men), initially decided to focus a Health Action project on developing a Hereford ghost tour. However this idea lost steam at the research stage as the group were keen to do something more practical. A delivery partner, Art 360, identified an opportunity to build a raft for the river carnival and discussed this with the group who...

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