Month: March 2016

New ONS data: Life in the UK 2016 measures of national wellbeing update

The Office of National Statistics has released Life in the UK 2016, a snapshot of life today across the 10 domains and 41 measures of national wellbeing. Organised into 10 domains, such as Health, Where we live, Education and skills and Natural environment, the report highlights ‘how we are doing’ as individuals and as a nation and how sustainable this is for the future. The measures include both objective data (for example, healthy life expectancy) and subjective data (for example, satisfaction with health) in order to provide a more complete view of the nation than measures such as Gross...

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Skills Route: Using wellbeing data to help young people make more balanced decisions

Briony Phillips Innovation and Product Manager, Skills Route How did you decide what to study in your final years of school? Perhaps you picked the subjects taught by your favourite teachers; maybe you picked the subjects that came most easily to you or you might even have had a clear career or study goal which you were working backwards from. Let’s take this a little further, cast your mind back to when you were 16. Your hormones were probably raging and if you were anything like me, you were more interested in sport, shopping and socialising than in serious study decisions....

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What's wellbeing like in different jobs? new data, analysis and case study

Work matters to our wellbeing and we know that economic activity is one of the key drivers of life satisfaction. What about comparisons between those in work but in different occupations? The ONS personal wellbeing questions can capture different aspects of work on our lives. Not only do they cover our overall sense of satisfaction with our work but they also ask about sense of fulfillment – ‘worthwhile activities in life’ and ‘anxiety’ both of which we might expect to differ across different types of occupation. We have taken 3 years of annual population survey data and computed personal...

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World Happiness Report 2016 summary findings

The fourth edition of the World Happiness Report has been published this week by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network with a 2016 special update. The growing interest in the report reflects growth across the world in using subjective wellbeing and happiness as primary indicators of the quality of human development as many governments and organisations are using wellbeing research to develop policies for improving lives. “Measuring self-reported happiness and achieving well-being should be on every nation’s agenda as they begin to pursue the Sustainable Development Goals,”  Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University The report is co-edited by...

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New e-course: Introduction to wellbeing in policy and practice

Do you want to understand the recent surge in interest in wellbeing and how  wellbeing is defined and measured? Our short online course will provide an introduction to wellbeing measurement in policy and practice.  Be introduced to a few practical steps you can take to consider wellbeing in your work.  go to course...

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