Month: April 2015

Wellbeing evidence around the world: Wellbeing and Resilience Centre launch in South Australia

We’re excited to see that the whole state of South Australia has committed to building wellbeing and resilience.  Locality-wide approaches really help us all understand what works to improve wellbeing. South Australia’s Wellbeing and Resilience Centre launches today at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Centre (SAHMRI) in Adelaide.  The Centre will lead, measure, build, embed and evaluate resilience projects across South Australia and create a  body of evidence about how to build wellbeing and resilience in different groups of people, at different ages. Follow their development → @sahmriWRC This state or city wide approach to residents’ wellbeing is happening around the world, including Santa Monica’s Wellbeing project in the USA which has set out to define, measure and improve wellbeing and the  Happy City project here in Bristol, UK . → I know of other places doing this contact: Psychological resilience in the State of Wellbeing : South Australia Statistics released by the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that there are seven deaths by suicide per day in Australia.[i]  South Australia has already unleashed a state-wide movement to build wellbeing and resilience in the population. The approach is based upon the use of positive psychology in the successful resilience project in the US Army 2008-15, which found that there were reductions in catastrophic thinking and diagnoses of substance abuse problems amongst soldiers who had received resilience training, as well as improvements to their positive coping skills,...

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Lord Gus O'Donnell On Why We Must Stop 'Spending On Failure' With Mental Health

This post first appeared on the Huffington Post For six years Lord Gus O‘Donnell was the most powerful person in British politics most people had never heard of. As cabinet secretary, he headed up the civil service, presided over the 2010 coalition negotiations and was nicknamed GOD for his power more than his initials. In 2011, he retired and was made a crossbench peer. The former lecturer found his way back to his old passion of economics and began chairing the think tank Frontier Economics. But when he meets The Huffington Post UK at its swish offices in central London, it is to talk about mental health and his call for “radical” change on how we address it. Last year, he chaired a commission on wellbeing and policy which said the government needed to act to treat it as professionally as physical health, support parents and give schools the tools to help ensure their pupils’ wellbeing. His background as an academic economist, helping run the national finances and reviewing huge amounts of data on how the country is doing, has led him to this conclusion: We are “spending on failure”.  “We do need to change the bias enormously away from spending on failure, as I would put it, to spending on prevention… by the time somebody’s got a severe depression, that’s failure.” O’Donnell recites the statistics by bullet point, as...

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World Happiness Report and Virgin Disruptors debate on Wellbeing in the workplace

As it’s approaching six months since the launch of the What Works Centre for Wellbeing and this blog we’ve decided to have a bit of a tidy up. We’ve reorganised some of the menus and added a short introduction video on the About page. Today sees the publication of the third  World Happiness Report  by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Virgin Disruptors are streaming a debate on  Your workplace wellbeing: at what cost?   at 8:00pm BST / 12:00pm PT @virgin #virgindisruptors We’ve also updated one of our early Pioneer case studies on the Bio-feedback video game for young people’s mental health pilot which has now been evaluated. → be one of our wellbeing...

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Exploring a Wellbeing Adjusted Life Year (WELBY)

Beyond QALY research call The Quality Adjusted Life Year (QALY) is used to inform decision making in health technology assessment and beyond. The Medical Research Council is currently inviting applications through the Methodology Research Programme to conduct research into the possibility of creating a measure of quality of life or wellbeing, which would have utility across health and social care. The MRC have published a background paper: Improving cross-sector comparisons using QALYs and other measures: a review of alternative approaches and future research  Applications are especially welcome which examine:  Understanding what are the outcomes of interest  Exploring a Wellbeing Adjusted Life Year (WELBY)  Valuing by association with wellbeing  Valuing on a common scale using preferences Find more information about how to apply...

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Wellbeing in Lambeth and Southwark

Lambeth and Southwark boroughs lead the ‘Wellbeing Programme’ so more individuals and organisations can take action to improve their own and others’ wellbeing. The programme has been in existence in Lambeth from 2009 building on the work of an earlier Mental Health Promotion Strategy. It became a cross borough programme in 2013. The programme operates on three levels: Individual: People know the messages about eating five fruit and vegetables a day and the importance of exercising but are less clear on action that can be taken to look after their minds and emotional health. The programme disseminates information and resources about the...

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