Month: January 2015

Think Good, Feel Good – Whole School approach

A Whole School Approach to Emotional Health and Wellbeing   This case study outlines the Shropshire wide schools based programme Think Good, Feel Good which initially started as a pilot programme in 2009. The programme adopts a universal population based approach for children and young people at tier 1, and targeted support for those at tier 2. It is widely recognised that the commissioning and delivery of high quality mental health and wellbeing services is an investment that will lead to population health gains and financial savings both in the medium and long term. The evidence base for mental health is...

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What works?

 The rise of ‘experimental’ government This week David Halpern, National Adviser on What Works  makes the case for innovation to be embedded in our work and not confined to new initiatives or programmes in Civil Service Quarterly. He calls for us all to evaluate and adapt our practice on a continual basis and shares how a more robust level of evaluation can become a transformational tool. Our Pioneers are doing just that and we want you to be bold and deliberate in your practice . This week’s pioneer case study showcases Think Good, Feel Good – A Whole School Approach to Emotional Health & Wellbeing across Shropshire schools. → be one of our wellbeing pioneers Our evidence programme call with our commissioning partners ESRC has now closed and our panel is at work considering the applications. Thank you for your interest, it is really inspiring to hear about so much great research in the UK.  If you want to share your work or find out about what others are doing please do use our growing online forum. Also a reminder that Lord O’Donnell is currently recruiting the Chair and Board of the Centre – closing date for applications for Chair is 2nd February and Trustees 16th February.  ...

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OECD Seminar, 27 January 2015

Measuring well-being in regions and cities: How can it help improving policy-making? Luiz De Mello, Deputy Director of the Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate and Monica Brezzi, Head of the Regional Analysis and Statistics Unit  27 January 2015, 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm The London School of Economics and Political Science, Clement House, Aldwych; room CLM 502 The seminar will overview the OECD Regional Well-Being Framework and the main insights on the factors determining well-being in regions. It will also discuss possible extensions of this framework to provide evidence for decision making to pursue an inclusive growth agenda in regions that combines increased prosperity in different dimensions with greater equity. Abstract The seminar is free and open to all – there is no need to register....

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Economic wellbeing

As the World Economic Forum is holding its Annual Meeeting in Switzerland this week we look at economics and wellbeing. There is a growing movement which argues that you should measure a country’s progress by more than GDP. The Office for National Statistics, as part of Measuring What Matters recently published economic wellbeing data  alongside the standard economic data for Q3 2014. This is the first time that these figures have been released together to present a more rounded way of assessing economic wellbeing Our Pioneer Case study examines the work of a Career Connect, a  charity supporting  adults’ and young peoples’ resilience as they move into education or the workplace. → be one of our wellbeing...

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Career Connect: Supporting resilience through transitions into employment, education, and training.

Career Connect is a charity which works with adults and young people to plan and manage their careers. Our work is about improving wellbeing and other positive behaviours which can move an individual successfully through key transitions of employment, education and training. Our focus on wellbeing is developed from our understanding that information and guidance alone will not achieve successful destinations in employment, education and training. We are working to develop support programs that equip individuals with the resilience and associated positive wellbeing to navigate their way through the stresses and challenges of working life, the learning environment and key...

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