What are your challenges in measuring wellbeing?

We know that many organisations are working to improve the wellbeing of those they are working with. They’re just not calling it wellbeing, or using wellbeing terms to quantify their impact. (Our third sector lead, Samir, wrote this blog about it) But what...

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Explaining gender patterns in children’s well-being

Larissa Pople, Senior Researcher at The Children's Society and Claire Shenton, Senior Research Officer at the Office of National Statistics Last month, The Children’s Society launched the latest edition of its annual Good Childhood Report, which present the latest...

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What is community wellbeing?

Last month Anne-Marie Bagnall shared about the community wellbeing indicators gathered from across the country for our scoping review. This month, we dive deeper into the concepts behind community wellbeing, with this blog that draws on the Centre's conceptual review...

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Job-related learning: who benefits, and how much?

This week Dr Alita Nandi, researcher in the Work and Learning research team at the Centre and the University of Essex, draws out the findings from our latest analysis on the wellbeing benefits of job-related training.  Job-related training seems like a win-win:...

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Evidence gap: Five Ways to Wellbeing

One of the roles of a What Works Centre is to identify research gaps. Evidence gaps don’t mean that something does or doesn’t work, it means no one knows...yet. Sometimes, the evidence gaps are really surprising: this is one of those times. We found no evaluations of...

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Team working: what works?

  Jump to the download page for this briefing     Our latest evidence briefing, based on systematic review recently published in the Journal for Environmental and Public Health, reveals that teams who spend time bonding as a group really do have higher...

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