If you want to know how happy we are, ask often

Wellbeing measures are robust and useful; how can we improve them further to help organisations create the conditions that really improve people’s lives in a sustainable way?  In our Measuring Wellbeing series we share the ideas of leaders in the field of...

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Does clean air make you happy?

Sarah Knight, pHD student at the University of York and Data Impact Fellow for the UK Data Service, shares her findings from earlier this year, and our Director, Nancy Hey, places them into the wider policy context. We are just beginning to understand how...

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Commuting and employee wellbeing

Edited on 27 October 2017 to replace the graph showing mean average effects after readers reported confusion, and  also add more information about the Understanding Society survey. Kiron Chatterjee and Ben Clark of the Centre for Transport & Society at UWE Bristol...

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Academic perspective: sport, the arts and wellbeing evidence

Dr Louise Mansfield*, part of our culture and sport evidence team and Senior Lecturer in Sport, Health and Social Science at Brunel University, sets out what we know about sport, culture and wellbeing and suggests the next steps to build an evidence base for the...

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Happy people wear seat belts: risk taking and wellbeing

We believe that the purpose of government and community action is to improve wellbeing. We know this has knock-on effects too that may be more your aim. A snappily titled paper ‘the objective benefits of subjective wellbeing’ tells us that happier people: have better...

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What are the drivers of wellbeing inequality?

Download Drivers of inequality (full report) Download the briefing When we published our report earlier this year on Measuring Wellbeing Inequalities across Britain, the hard part wasn't convincing people about the value of wellbeing: it was explaining the potentially...

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Measurement really matters: academic perspective

As part of our Measuring Wellbeing series, we're taking you through perspectives from practice, academia and policy, highlighting successes, views and challenges. We have case studies of organisations that are measuring and evaluating what really matters; academic...

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