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Sector perspectives: adventures in wellbeing in the Department for Transport

The first in a series of blogs from Becky Thoseby, Group Head of Wellbeing at the Department for Transport, in our sector perspectives. These highlight people putting wellbeing evidence into action in their work. Becky shares the experience of starting her role earlier this year and the realities of championing wellbeing in a large organisation.   Not many people are lucky enough to make a career out of their passion, and I certainly didn’t ever think I would be one of them.  But earlier this year, my employer decided that they wanted to put in place a wellbeing programme and...

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What are your challenges in measuring wellbeing?

We know that many organisations are working to improve the wellbeing of those they are working with. They’re just not calling it wellbeing, or using wellbeing terms to quantify their impact. (Our third sector lead, Samir, wrote this blog about it) But what about those of you who are already measuring subjective wellbeing? As part of our measuring wellbeing series, we’re highlighting organisations who have taken bold steps to try to measure and evaluate what really matters to those they work with, as well as the challenges they have encountered en route. Our next case study in this series is The Children’s...

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Measuring wellbeing in practice: How to make it work? The Children’s Society

For those who are involved in your organisation or services: do you know how they are really doing? Do you know what’s most important for them – and what they want to change? The Children’s Society – a national charity which works with disadvantaged young people and campaigns for improvements in children’s lives – decided that the best way to understand was to ask young people themselves. Peter Grigg is Director of External Affairs at The Children’s Society where he oversees campaigns, policy, research and public affairs, evidence and impact and youth engagement   Measuring the wellbeing of young...

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What is community wellbeing?

Last month Anne-Marie Bagnall shared about the community wellbeing indicators gathered from across the country for our scoping review. This month, we dive deeper into the concepts behind community wellbeing, with this blog that draws on the Centre’s conceptual review of community wellbeing. Jump to the full report: What is community wellbeing? Conceptual review or view the briefing slides. Interest in personal, or subjective, wellbeing has grown rapidly over the last few years. There are questionnaires on feelings, workplace policies for ‘wellbeing’, individual techniques such as exercise or mindfulness and commercial products from self-help guidance to mood-enhancing décor. But...

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Call for Evidence: in-work progression and wellbeing

How does work progression affect wellbeing? Do you have evidence from your workplace or organisation? The What Works Centre for Wellbeing is conducting a review of how progression at work affects wellbeing. Progression includes both monetary gains (for example, increased earnings as a result of an hourly pay rise, increased hours of work, or promotion) and non-monetary gains (for example, progression into a more stable and secure job) which may or may not result in monetary gains over the longer term. Why do we need your evidence? While we expect that in-work progression should improve wellbeing overall, the effect will likely vary across different types of progression. Progression could also produce adverse effects, through higher levels of stress due to greater responsibility or difficulties in achieving work-life balance. Our key research questions are: Does in-work progression lead to changes in wellbeing? Do different sources of in-work progression (promotion, increases in pay or longer hours) lead to different changes in wellbeing?  Does the impact of in-work progression on wellbeing vary across sub-groups of the population or by type of job or employer? Do the wellbeing effects of in-work progression within the current organization differ from progression through moving to an alternative employer? Does in-work progression within the main job have the same impact upon wellbeing as in-work progression via additional jobs? How can you get involved? We want to make...

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