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Origins of happiness: new research

Today is the launch of The Origins of Happiness by Andrew Clark, Sarah Flèche, Richard Layard, Nick Powdthavee and George Ward. Prof. Layard outlines the key findings and recommendations from the research. Over the course of our lives, what factors stand out as having the biggest impact on our wellbeing? All else being equal, what single element, or group of elements, make a difference to how anxious or dissatisfied we are with our lives? I and my colleagues looked at the evidence from survey data on over 100,000 individuals in Australia, Germany, the UK and the US to discover...

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How to measure your wellbeing impact: new guidance

Today we share a new guide to help charities understand, measure, evaluate and analyse their wellbeing impact. Ingrid Abreu Scherer, Programme Manager at the Centre, explains why we need the guide, and how it can help you, even if you’re not a data scientist. VIEW HOW TO MEASURE YOUR WELLBEING IMPACT  People are complicated, and measuring traditional outcomes can sometimes hide this complexity – and thereby hide the full impact of your activities. At the Centre we study this complexity, and the different things that make up our wellbeing: the quality of our health, work, relationships; how happy, anxious...

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Visual arts, mental health and wellbeing: evidence review

Today we launch our first evidence review of 2018: looking at visual art impacts on the wellbeing of adults with mental health issues. Here, the report authors* – led by Alan Tomlinson of the University of Brighton – explore the key findings and implications for policy and practice. Download the full report Download the briefing View the full Designs in Mind case study The importance of the visual arts in contributing to the wellbeing of adults with mental health conditions has been little documented beyond some insightful and influential interventions and exploratory studies. Initiatives such as Arts on Prescription...

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Designs in Mind

Background “It is such a happy environment, I go home with the biggest smile, even if I have arrived in tears.” (Member interview) This case study aims to provide an insight into the Designs in Mind (DM) project, their evaluative methods and the wellbeing related outcomes for members. DM is a studio of designer makers referred through mental health services. Located in Oswestry, Shropshire, UK, DM work as a collective to create high-quality ambitious and experimental art & design work, which makes it possible for people who have experienced mental health challenges, to live life and have a greater...

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New evidence, guidance and research coming up in 2018

It’s just the beginning of 2018, but we’re already publicising our new one-day workshop on wellbeing cost effectiveness analysis on 29 January; releasing the digital version of our incredibly popular wellbeing impacts and policy course we ran with LSE in October; and sharing a new case study looking at a charity evaluating wellbeing. Next week we’ll be publishing our evidence review of how visual arts impacts the wellbeing of adults with mental health issues, and later in January, we launch our How to Measure Wellbeing Guide for charities and social enterprises. You can sign up to receive an alert when...

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