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We are an independent collaborative centre that puts high quality evidence on wellbing into the hands of decision-makers in government, communities, businesses and other organisations. We bring pioneering thinkers together from across these sectors to share ideas and solutions. Our goal: to improve, and save, lives through better policy and practice for wellbeing.

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What do we know about ‘good work’?

Today we publish our new report - Good work, wellbeing and changes in performance outcomes - that focuses on good people practices in the NHS. In this blog our Director, Nancy Hey, delves into the evidence on what makes work good for our wellbeing. The UK’s...

The Stevenson / Farmer Review: Thriving at Work

Elenor Styles from the Mental Health and Employers Independent Review Team on the The Stevenson / Farmer Review: Thriving at Work In January, the Prime Minister asked Lord Dennis Stevenson, mental health campaigner, and Paul Farmer, CEO of the mental health charity...

Find your area’s wellbeing scores: new data release

Download the datasets  in spreadsheet format  Back in July, we released a set of ‘currently available’ and ‘ideal’ indicators for local authorities to measure wellbeing in their area. The report looked at 23 wellbeing domains, covering a range of more traditional...

Credible evidence for better decisions, to improve lives

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